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Dinner at Brie Bon – Medellin, Colombia

Brie Bon Cra 35 No. 7-118, vía Provenza, Medellín, Colombia This cozy french restaurant & wine bar is located is yet another leafy street in El Poblado, just around the corner from the Happy Buddah Hostel. Most tables are set outside in the street facing courtyard, nicely lit and a lovely place to sit in the Read more about Dinner at Brie Bon – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Welcome to Honduras – Part 1

The time we drove into on coming traffic and someone got killed on a football field. As our intended first stop in Honduras we had decided we would stay the night in a little seaside town just east of Tela. A convenient half way point between our arrival port and our ultimate destination, the Bay Islands of Read more about Welcome to Honduras – Part 1[…]


Sleep – Medellín, Colombia

La Presidenta Hostel Carrera 43a #7d 46 | Close to Poblado Park, Medellin 050021, Colombia Best value for money private rooms in Medellín. Located on one of the main streets in the lovely El Poblado it’s easy to walk past its small entrance. This small hostel is conveniently placed has a make shift kitchen out Read more about Sleep – Medellín, Colombia[…]


Dinner at Bonhomia – Medellin, Colombia

Bonhomia Medellin, Colombia Just across the road from Cafe Velvet, Bonhomia occupies a large space with ample outdoor seating in a large open plan converted old building. Offering Tapas and Charcuterie as well as some epic looking sandwiches, this place is absolutely packed on a Saturday night, so if there’s more than two of you it’s Read more about Dinner at Bonhomia – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Dinner at Ocio – Medellin, Colombia

Ocio 24, Cra. 33 #7, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia On the pricier side for Medellin but still very affordable, so if you’ve got room in your budget, it’s definitely worth a visit. The value is exceptional given the service, surroundings and importantly, quality of the dishes. Popular every day of the week so reservations are generally Read more about Dinner at Ocio – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Lunch at Velvet – Medellin, Colombia

Velvet Carrera 37 # 8a – 46. Medellín, Antioquia Given the late hour we decided to have lunch our options were slightly limited however we ended up with a fantastic light lunch Read more… The prosciutto and cheese sandwich comes on freshly baked crunchy bread. It was such a refreshing change to find such good bread Read more about Lunch at Velvet – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Sunday Brunch at Ganso & Castor – Medellin, Colombia

Ganso & Castor Medellin, Colombia An extremely popular spot for the Sunday brunch set in El Poblado, and with good reason, it’s damn good, but be prepared to wait. We arrived at around 11am and waited for about 25 minutes but eventually were seated in a nice table outside watching the world go by. We had Read more about Sunday Brunch at Ganso & Castor – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Breakfast at Al Alma – Medellin, Colombia

Al Alma Medellin, Colombia An unassuming breakfast place in a quiet residential area of El Poblado, this is the best value for money breakfast in Colombia and so far in my travels from central America. It had been a while since I’d seen eggs benedict and even longer since I’d been willing to risk the Read more about Breakfast at Al Alma – Medellin, Colombia[…]


Where to get a camera fixed in Quito, Ecuador

A week out from heading to the Galapagos Islands my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC G5 decided it didn’t feel like working anymore.  A few days earlier I had slipped and fallen during our hike through Caño Cristales and my DSLM went with me. It didn’t hit the rocky ground with my full weight but it Read more about Where to get a camera fixed in Quito, Ecuador[…]


Getting from Panama to Colombia (and vice versa)

Unless you fancy walking the Darién Gap or you’ve got the ability to teleport, there are two ways of getting from Panama to Colombia – plane and boat. By Air In spite of what everyone may say, this is the cheapest way to get between Panama and Colombia. How much it costs depends on where you choose Read more about Getting from Panama to Colombia (and vice versa)[…]