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26th April 2015

about me

I finished school, went straight to university then started my career as a lawyer. I bought a sensible car followed by a very sensible inner city potential high rent yield apartment.

Travel wasn’t even on my radar until 2009 when I headed to on a three week trip to Finland and Italy.  It wasn’t the first time I’d been overseas but it was the first time I’d travelled on my own. The feeling of freedom and adventure overtook me. It was infectious. I felt like a child star who missed out on all the fun stuff.

So I sold my apartment… and everything in it. .. and decided to trade the high heels and suits for flip flops and a backpack. Advising people back home of my choices frequently received a reaction not dissimilar to if I had just said I’m running off to the circus to wear fisherman’s pants and make balloon animals for a living. But I don’t care, I embraced the amazing freedom that is calculated irresponsibility.

Since that brief so journ to Europe, that seems so long ago, I’ve set foot on 6 continents and I’ve visited 55 countries. I changed careers and lived in London and now I call New York home.

Probably due to the fact that I’m seemingly perpetually on holiday I’m frequently asked about places to go, to stay, not to stay and so forth and so on. So I decided to put all my apparent knowledge and experience in writing and out there for all to see. Plus some entertaining travel anecdotes to make it more interesting.

I’m hoping some tales of my own experiences may help others on a similar track providing a little inspiration and saving some perspiration. Or at the very least raise a chuckle or provide my friends with something else to read in procrastination  instead of the Daily Mail.





Where I’ve been



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