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Welcome to Honduras – Part 1

The time we drove into on coming traffic and someone got killed on a football field. As our intended first stop in Honduras we had decided we would stay the night in a little seaside town just east of Tela. A convenient half way point between our arrival port and our ultimate destination, the Bay Islands of Read more about Welcome to Honduras – Part 1[…]


The time I got cursed by a Gypsy

Oktoberfest 2013, Day 12: I returned to my hostel after a two day hiatus seeking refugee at a friends airbnb. I made my way down the stairs into the basement where the dorms were. Opening the door to my dorm there in the harsh light cast by the fluorescent above was four generations of a Read more about The time I got cursed by a Gypsy[…]


Honduras – Immigration, Perspiration & Indignation

Against all odds our little boat putted along for four solid hours without incident and the life jackets were used only as pillows. Somehow I managed to sleep for the majority of the trip in spite of being at the front of the boat taking the brunt of the waves and thus being gently rocked Read more about Honduras – Immigration, Perspiration & Indignation[…]


C is for…. A Growing Problem in Central America

It used to be something that only affected health care workers but in recent years the grip of this frightening trend has stretched far beyond hospitals corridors and operating theatres. Now, ordinary men, women and sadly innocent children have fallen victim in this seemingly uncontrollable and catastrophic snowball. What started as a small scale back yard operation Read more about C is for…. A Growing Problem in Central America[…]


The Time I Beat Kate Middleton at Diving

Kensington Palace yesterday announced that Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge had attained her Advanced Open Water diving qualification when she was in Mustique. Hi five Kate, give yourself a pat on the back. I too completed my Advanced Open Water certification whilst on Utila in Honduras, back in May. So HA! I win. Read more about The Time I Beat Kate Middleton at Diving[…]


The Time I spent £1500 on Fried Chicken in the Dominican Republic

On a lovely Friday in Granada, Nicaragua, we were enjoying a lie in in our hostel only to be rudely disturbed by a text message on Dan’s phone from our bank in the UK. Metrobank had decided to contact us as they were concerned about a recent transaction in the Philippines on our debit card Read more about The Time I spent £1500 on Fried Chicken in the Dominican Republic[…]

Rabies in all her glory

Hopkins – Endless Disappointment and Rabies

I don’t like being negative about a place. I usually will try and find the silver lining to even the smoggiest of clouds, leaning towards comical cynicism, but in all, Hopkins can do one.


CAYE CAULKER – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Coco Loco

Caye Caulker: last stop on the English backpacker Guatemala-Belize tour of Central America. We arrived on Caye Caulker in the blistering heat of the mid afternoon with no accommodation booked and seemingly none to be found. We had a room booked from the following day, but due to our last minute decision to bypass the Read more about CAYE CAULKER – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Coco Loco[…]