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The E3 Visa – Part 2: The Application Process


So you’ve found a job and they’re willing to sponsor you for an E3 visa. Yay! So what happens now?

  1. Fill in and Submit a Labour Condition Application (free)
  2. Once you have an approved LCA, fill in the DS-160
  3. Pay Visa Fee
  4. Book your interview
  5. Attend Interview
  6. Hopefully have visa approved and enter the US and start work

First things first your employer will have to file a Labor Condition Application. This is basically to show that the job you have been offered and will be doing pays the prevailing wage for that role. It’s there to protect employees and stop people underpaying their staff. The process isn’t too long but like all paperwork in the US it’s a little complicated and really annoying to fill out.There is a special section for the E3.  If you’re lucky to have an employer experienced in doing this, you’re in luck.

My first employer was not (they were from Texas and had never seen an Australian before…) and they got a rejection first time around because they didn’t fill it in correctly so they had to resubmit. Second time I did with our Ops Manager and turns out we didn’t do a great job either and the same thing happened. It worked out in the end after we corrected our error – it just dragged the whole process out by another week. On the upside, they will tell you what you didn’t fill out correctly so it’s an easy process to correct it. (Why they don’t just let you correct the mistake and be on with it I don’t know).

On the upside, the LCA is free to submit, so there’s no cost to anyone. It takes around 7 working days (isH) to process. You can track the progress on the website and they will send you an email when it has been approved (or rejected).

Once you’ve got your LCA you need to jump online and fill out the DS-160. It’s a little time consuming. Make sure you fill it out correctly because once it’s submitted, you can’t make any major changes.

Once that’s done, you can pay the application fee and book your interview.

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