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Are they the best burgers in the world? Probably.

Every time I ski in Queenstown I lived on a diet of fergburger, they’re amazing. And not that American sugary bun greasy ball amazing, real burger amazing. In peak time there will almost always be a queue, but the potential hour long wait times are worth it. They'll give you an idea of time so you can alway pop to one of the local bars for a quiet one while you wait. Just go before you’re totally starving because watching people around you eat them is torture.

My personal favourites are the Tropical Swine and the SOuthern Swine (because I’m a weird Queenslander who likes pineapple on a burger). The burgers are big and extremely filling, but try and make room for the fries- thick cut with rosemary, you’ll be stuffed but thankful you did.

The best part? They’re open 21 hours a day from 8am til 5am, 7 days a week so you pretty much can have breakfast lunch and dinner there (they do breakfast burgers too) Just make sure you enunciate the G in ferg otherwise you might be unfortunately misunderstood.