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Na na na na na… na na na na na… New York!

For a variety of reasons, namely cheap flights and my old flatmate’s 30th, we decided to go to Central America via New York. It’s kinda on the way. And it’s NY.

We were in NY in November last year when it had a bit of a cold spell. We arrived in NY this time in a cold fucking snap. As in if you go outside everything will freeze and snap in half. Ok so I may be exaggerating a little, but I have never been so cold in my life, and not just because I hail from Queensland in Australia where a cold winter’s day is a summer heatwave in London. I have acclimatised after a year and a bit in the UK, and at minus 18 degrees celcius plus a wind chill even the most hardened Canadians would put on a cardigan. 

Suffice to say, this trip to NY was not one for exploring. It was mainly about beer and wings and places that were inside. We ventured out on the minus 18 day and turned a corner to be hit by a gust of wind so cold I actually experienced and ice cream headache. The wind was so cold my eyes were watering and my main concern became my tears would freeze on my face. That was the end of our exploring that day.

The snow started falling heavily on Saturday morning so we ventured to Central Park. It was absolutely stunning. Only 3 months earlier the autumn leaves were still falling colouring the park in a stunning array of yellows, reds and oranges and now it was a complete white out. It was just amazing. I may have also becomes way to excited by a squirrel in the snow (as Australians we have an unashamed and embarrassing love of both snow and squirrels – something D has learnt to accept and tolerate – I won’t go as far as embrace…).

We did learn a most valuable lesson on this segment of our Journey. A lesson in American Take out. Our last night was spent at an airport hotel just near JFK since we had an early-ish flight the next morning. Out where we were in Jamaica in Queens there wasn’t lot going down except drug deals so that combined with a lack of winter clothes, we decided to order Chinese takeaway. We ordered a meal deal thing for 2 people. A word from the wise, order for a midget with a gastric band because sweet jesus when that thing arrived I’m surprised the guy could balance his scooter with it on.  There was enough to feed us for the next week. The Wont Ton soup was the size of my head. Lesson learned.

Time to roll on to the Caribbean…

One a side note, we flew Norwegian London to JFK. Mostly because they were cheap. Ok entirely because they were cheap. I’ve flown Norwegian a few times in Europe and have always been impressed but I’d have to say their London-NY flight was excellent. The brand new Boeing dreamliner was a great aircraft, really quiet with quite alot of leg room, the staff were lovely, the food was all in all pretty good and it was all in all a great experience. Sure, it’s no Emirates, but as far as “budget” airlines go, it leaves the rest behind. I’d fly with them again in a NY minute.