Sleep – Palenque, Mexico

Hotel Maya Rue

Calle Aldama s/n entre Juarez y 5 de mayo, col. CentroPalenque, Chiapas, 29960, Mexico

A nice hotel at  good price. Everything was spotless and they cleaned our room every day and gave us fresh towels. Air conditioned rooms were a nice reprieve in the heat. The rooms were simple but spacious and the bathrooms really nice. Our rooms also had a small enclosed balcony.

Breakfast was included and great and the staff were really helpful. Good location and easy to get to the ruins – collectivos run from around the corner.

The bus station is a ten minute walk away and there are plenty of good eats nearby.

Visiting Palenque you have the option  of staying in Palenque itself or closer to the ruins. we’d heard that Palenque as a town wasn’t particularly nice. We decided to stay anyway and ended up being very glad we did.

I’m not sure why this seemed to be the general reputation of the town, but it was lovely. Especially the area around Canada, green, huge trees and nice places to eat. There’s so many more options in Palenque itself and you spare yourself being kept awake by howler monkeys. Most of the other accommodation you need to get a collectivo to the ruins anyway, so at best you’re saving yourself 15 minutes in a minivan and you’re restricted to eating at where you’re staying, which generally is more expensive and obviously rules out any more options.